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    One of the best paint Companies in Udaipur, Rajasthan

    ZX paints a Branch of Load Star Overseas Private Limited our Global Corporate Office is located at Nottingham(U.K.), our Corporate office is at Mumbai and our Manufacturing Office at Udaipur Rajasthan. We do Instance R&D For All Paints products available all type of product range interior and exterior Solution, our products is available in all type of Sizes, we used international paint quality in our Product. Paint manufacturers in Udaipur.

    We are the Best paint Manufacturers in Udaipur, We dare to be changed. We detect what others do ... but only to choose what we have to not do. We are not afraid to venture on the road without penetration, because only then will we continue to be innovative, agile and we will continue to surprise you regularly. We will always stand out from the crowd of paint manufacturers. Our innovative approach forces others to emulate us. Paint manufacturers in Udaipur.

    We are happy to set trends in the paint industry. We promise to always surprise you with our product offerings and our approach. Dedicated to satisfy the needs of the client, without being irresponsible and damaging their health in the process. Take care of the needs of the paint applicator ... An artist in our minds ... who embellishes your home with your humble hands. Build a corporate team that everyone wants and wants to join ... and take care of the needs of each member. And look at us in the coming years ... We will continue to lead the rest in innovation. Present in rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra for over 25 years and a significant player in the Paints industry. Paint manufacturers in Udaipur.

    Contact Us

    Global Corporate Office

    H5 Ash Tree Court, Nottingham Business Pank,Nottingham NG8 6PY

    Corporate Office

    Chirag Shah D-103, Emerald Apartment, Parsi Panchayat Cross Road
    Opp.Sona Udyog, Andheri East Mumbai :40006

    Phone: +91 70736 85430



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